What Makes Dallas Dallas

downtown Dallas

As a citizen of Dallas, I have to admit that I take every chance I get to admire the skyline. It's one of the most beautiful and colorful aspects of the city, and it's something every Dallas native enjoys.

November 22, 1963: The Assassination of John fitzgerald Kennedy

When JFK was assassinated on Elm Street on November 22, 1963, Dallas was labeled as the "city of hate." Now, with only one visit to downtown, one can still see the lasting effect of JFK's assassination on the city. The Sixth Floor Museum along with Dealey Plaza are two areas that give the city of Dallas a historical significance. 

Klyde Warren Park

Kylde Warren Park is a neighborhood within the Dallas Arts District. the park contains an urban green space and is a convenient place to spend time while in downtown Dallas. Conveniently located next to the art museum, performing arts center and sculpture center, Klyde Warren Park has become a very popular location for Dallas citizens.

NorthPark Center

NorthPark Center is the 19th biggest mall in the United States, and even though Dallas is known as a "shopping city," this mall is different. NorthPark is known for its extravagant displays of art and architecture and since almost every Dallas citizen could recognize its name, I believe it is an integral part of what makes Dallas Dallas.

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood located near the east side of downtown Dallas. Known for its beautiful murals across multiple streets, Deep Ellum is one of the many arts districts that have emerged in Dallas in the past decade.

The gallery of images below capture some of the murals located in the streets of Deep Ellum.

The Dallas Cowboys

Whenever I travel to other cities in the United States or foreign countries, I will undoubtedly hear the Dallas Cowboys name. After telling other people I am from Dallas, the first thing that often comes to people's mind is the Dallas Cowboys. At first, I was surprised, but I quickly realized that the Dallas Cowboys franchise is one of the most well-known athletic franchises in the world. Having been a Cowboys fan my entire life, I just recently realized that it is a defining characteristic of the city of Dallas.

St. Mark's School of Texas

Finally, when thinking about What Makes Dallas Dallas, I realized that we — my community here at St. Mark's — are a part of the city's future. Currently, our school is starting to incorporate more and more civic and communal engagement within our curriculum, teaching our students how to effectively to lead and govern a city. My school has shaped me into the person I am today and is not only an integral part of my identity — but the city of Dallas's too.