Expanding Reach: Web Journalism

Web journalism and online storytelling gives a journalist so many different ways to present content. Although our school administration does not allow The ReMarker to produce an online publication, we decided to use social media and the web to our advantage. Social media and web journalism has become a defining characteristic of modern-day journalism and mass media, and I decided to use applications like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to post dynamic photos, teasers and videos to promote the magazine's release and provide extra content to our readers after its print day.

After finishing the February production of Focus Magazine, the magazine editor and I decided to create an additional website for all of the extra quotes and photos that we had. In addition to the print magazine, we put extra content into a simple, online format. For this website, I started from scratch and used Squarespace to expand our horizons into web design. I gathered all of the photos and quotes that we didn't publish in the magazine and chose a template that would effectively display this information in a comprehensible manner. 


After the November and February magazines, I realized that we had an overflow of content that was still very relevant and timely to our readers. So, I utilized social media to solve our problem. Working with the magazine's editor, I incorporated the magazine's design elements into photos and videos that could be accessed without a physical copy of Focus. Web journalism allowed me to use graphics, audio, video and text to the story and add another dimension to our publications.

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In addition to the Instagram account, we extended our web content to Facebook too. Since most of the members of our school community have a Facebook account, we knew the extra content videos and photos we posted on the Instagram must also be accessible on Facebook. 

For one of Focus Magazine's extra content posts, which contained a video of two Dallas citizens debating during a Black Lives Matter Protest, the reach was over 3,400 people. The increased circulation of the magazine's content was the main reason I decided to venture into online journalism. Click here for quick access to all the videos the Facebook account has posted.

Focal Point Productions

After I edited the audio of my podcast and uploaded it to Soundcloud, I wanted to find a more accessible and different presentation of the story. So, I sent the edited content to iTunes and received approval to publish the content on their online store. A majority of our readers have easy access to the Podcasts and iTunes applications on their phone and computer respectively. By wanting to present accessible content, I had to customize and edit our audio and graphics to present packaged, online stories.

All five episodes can be listened to under the Multimedia/Broadcast portion of this portfolio.

iTunes recently accepted and published my podcast, Focal Point. This is an image of our podcast page.  

iTunes recently accepted and published my podcast, Focal Point. This is an image of our podcast page.  

The ReMarker's Twittersphere

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