In today's world, broadcast journalism has become a source of immediate communication that traditional print venues cannot provide. Along with verbal communication, we are now able to tell stories visually. Even though The ReMarker and Focus are solely print publications, I used broadcast journalism and multimedia to let the story take me in a different direction.

Owing to my interests in podcasts, documentaries and videography, I have used the social media platforms I created to experiment with broadcast journalism. I have created interactive videos for readers and even a podcast with one of my friends.

Focus Magazine Productions

Before and after our November magazine was released, I created video content to tease the contents of the upcoming magazine, provide extra content and show readers where the story took me.  Using different platforms and simple applications like iMovie, I was able to present videos from the Black Lives Matter protest and an exclusive teaser of the Misty McBride story. I received a lot of feedback from the community because I was able to effectively entice the viewer with interesting stories and captivating experiences.

Jose Vela had an interesting story to tell. On July 7, 2016, he was right in the middle of the protest — running for his life.

Misty McBride was one of the police officers shot during the July 7 shootings. On the day before the November magazine came out, I released this video to give readers a taste of what's to come.

An argument between two protestors in downtown Dallas on Sept. 22, 2016.

Focal Point Productions

Ever since I developed a passion for journalism, I had been a fan of many podcasts such as Serial, This American Life and NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! So, I decided to create a podcast with one of the magazine editors, talking about Focus Magazine and our lives — appropriately naming the podcast Focal Point.

I incorporated aspects that I had learned from previous interactions with broadcast journalism and created audio that flows nicely and is easily understandable. By using a recording and editing application called GarageBand, I was able to edit the audio, add supplementary music and create a podcast that listeners would enjoy consuming.

Although this podcast is based on the production of Focus Magazine, we decided to add some episodes that are miscellaneous and showcase more of our personality. Episodes like "20 Questions" and "What Do We Have in Common?" stray away from the production of the magazine and focus a little more on us as journalists and human beings.

Some of my favorite podcast episodes includes a certain degree of humor and personality, so I made sure our podcast didn't solely revolve around the production of the magazine.

Below, you will find two videos that provide a first-hand look into the production of Focal Point.

To Make a Man Productions

For the To Make a Man web publication, we decided to add video content to the stories we told. Below you will find videos  that we published on the website and our social media platforms. Click here to visit