Leadership and Team Building

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Functioning in a leadership role on The ReMarker, I take my job as managing editor very seriously. When I was a staff writer, I remember trying to absorb all the information I could from the upperclassmen, hoping to perfect my craft and make a good impression.

Now, as a senior, I am always trying to gain the respect and trust from my fellow staff members by facilitating the production of the publication and involving all aspects of the community in our work.

Overall, I am grateful that my passion for telling stories has taken me to a leadership role on The ReMarker.  


It is our job as journalists and representatives of our school to properly engage, involve and cover the diverse aspects of the community. My job as managing editor is not only to teach proper leadership values but also to provide our readers with content that encompasses the diverse makeup of our community.

On The ReMarker, our stories come from everywhere on and off campus — from traditional club news and campus events to issues of the world which directly impact our school community — it is my job to make sure we cover our ground. As the primary coordinator of the beat system, I view this as a way to ensure that all news items, large or small, receive appropriate coverage in The ReMarker.

It is my job also that the bulletin board, or wall of assignments, remains maintained and relevant to the production of the newspaper.

This is a list of every beat assignment across campus. From curriculum to the school calendar, every detail of the community is accounted for in this process.

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In our coverage of Richard Spencer '97, the leader of the alt-right movement and white nationalist, we had to proceed very carefully. As a result, this story became a perfect example of how journalists can represent an entire community.

Because Spencer's views were based around hatred, divisiveness and detachment, the story's coverage required input from multiple members of the school's community denouncing his views. Taking it from face value, this was a story about how a school's community — including students, faculty, alumni and administration — responded to a man who neglected the values of their community. However, through our overall coverage, my staff members and I simultaneously portrayed the diverse makeup of a community while refuting the alt-right leader's divisive and vitriolic viewpoints.

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