Entrepreneurship: marketing our brand

As a representative of my school community, it is my job as a journalist to report relevant and timely stories to our readers while upholding the integrity and reputation of the publication. This is why I am always trying to find ways to engage our readers through different outlets and create platforms that further define The ReMarker and Focus Magazine. Whether its helping to produce a 32-page newspaper, adapting multiple social media platforms or describing my passion for journalism in a presentation, I am always trying to deliver quality, branded content to our school community and beyond.

social media


Entering this year's newspaper cycle, I knew social media was going to be an essential engagement strategy. For Focus, our tri-annual magazine, I had the idea of extending the content from the magazine to the social media sphere, allowing our readers to engage with a wide array of information and marketing the content of our magazine. By providing extra content on our social media platforms, I hoped to do two things: expand the reach of our publications and establish outlets that make The ReMarker and Focus Magazine more multi-dimensional. And that's exactly what happened. Now, we are more in touch with our community than ever before while providing consistent content.

The pictures below quantify Focus Magazine's marketing through Facebook data. Click to enlarge.

Furthermore, Focus has become an integral part of who The ReMarker is and how we provide our content. The detailed storytelling and specialized content of Focus make it a signature item of our publications.

the redesign: creating The ReMarker  Brand

PAGE ONE DESIGN. During our redesign period over the summer, I knew that I wanted to drastically change the appearance of our cover page from previous years. We wanted it so that whenever someone picked up a copy of our newspaper, the reader would immediately know it's a copy of The ReMarker. So, we made sure to implement key design elements that distinguish us from other publications and establish our brand as a publication.

The photos below are last year's page one (left) and news upfront (right). 

Now, the photos below are interactive images that point out the design elements of the newly-designed cover (left) and how the same elements are implemented on following pages like the news upfront (right).

Ice bowl

ATTIRE MARKETING. The Ice Bowl is an annual pick-up football game featuring the newspaper staff against the yearbook staff. Although the Ice Bowl is a friendly game between two publication staffs, I saw the game as an opportunity to advertise The ReMarker by designing the shirts we wear in the game.

The shirts I helped design for Ice Bowl, which features a modern design and a unique tag line: The Paper.

The back of the shirt not only includes spaces for a number and a nickname but also places the word ReMarker at the bottom of the shirt.


The posters I designed for this year's Ice Bowl.

Senior Exhibition: Selling my Passion

At our school, seniors are required to present their passions to underclassmen in what's called a senior exhibition. For me, it was an easy choice. I decided to conduct my senior exhibition on my experiences with journalism to the eighth-grade class. I can still remember viewing a senior exhibition on The ReMarker as an eighth-grader and how it motivated me to join the staff the following year. In early October, I presented my passion to the eighth grade, introducing them to the ways of The ReMarker and showing them where the story can take you.

Please hover over each image in my presentation to read more details on each slide.