The content we produce must be accurate and compliant with style rules presented by the Associated Press (AP) and our style for The ReMarker. That's why one of my primary jobs as managing editor is to make sure the stories we put out are thoroughly edited before going to press.

For both The ReMarker and Focus Magazine, stories run through multiple sets of eyes before we ship pages. The editing process is an extensive one, but that's the way it should be. To produce the highest quality journalism, persistent fact checking and style-rule editing must be ingrained in our system as journalists. 

Over the past four years, I have had to become very familiar with the AP stylebook and the St. Mark's style rules sheet. On this page, you will find examples of how my staff members and I go through the editing process for both the newspaper and magazine.

What we use

A collage of all of the AP stylebooks I have used over the past three years of editing stories for The ReMarker. Around the publications suite, one can find over 20 copies of each book.

For specific categories that often pop up when writing stories, we follow the St. Mark's style rules sheet. It contains everything from how to indicate currency to specific, administrative titles. 

Story Editing 

Whenever stories are turned in, I dedicate a large portion of time towards editing them and making sure the content we produce adheres to the rules we follow as student journalists. For both the newspaper and magazine production cycles, I have a thorough editing process, reviewing multiple stories and making sure my staff members are consistently updating their stories with corrections even after they have written them.

The interactive images below provide examples of edits I have made for stories on The ReMarker and Focus Magazine respectively. Hover over the dots to see the reasoning behind my edits.

Below, you will find a portion of a story I edited for the February magazine. 

And below, you can see how my edits were carried out to press.

Page editing

After production week and the newspaper or magazine's design is almost finished, we print out every single page of the publication and lay them out on a roundtable for group editing. So, the editing process practically extends to design week.

At this point, the stories have been read four or five times by section editors, seniors and our newspaper adviser. So when we lay out the pages, we are primarily editing the content as a whole — instead of the story specifically. In this process, we are not only editing the stories all over again but also keeping an eye out for design elements and making sure the entire package is aesthetically pleasing to our readers.

The interactive images below display some of my edits during the page editing process for The ReMarker and Focus Magazine respectively. Hover over the dots to see the reasoning behind my edits.