'Do something good for me' by Rish Basu

One of the most exciting opportunities I received during my time as a journalist, this story ended up being one of the best I have ever worked on. I completely engaged myself with this story as someone who's always looking for a story to tell. Misty McBride was one of the 12 Dallas Police officers shot in the July shootings, and I immediately took the opportunity when I had the chance to tell her story. Instead of following a fact-quote format, I decided to take a different route and use a very few number of quotes to tell McBride's experience on that night in July. I knew that after a two-hour interview with very detailed questions, I was going to be able to follow this format while keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

This story was given a first place award in our school's literary festival contest in non-fiction writing by renowned authors and poets: novelist Tobias Wolff, slam poet Taylor Mali and journalists Eliza Griswold and Jake McAuley.

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The man he's become by Rish Basu

For the February magazine, which was centered around how our school develops men of character, I told the story of the man on campus — headmaster David Dini. Once again, I had to undergo an incredibly thorough interviewing, writing and editing process, but it was all worth it. I gained an incredible insight into what makes David Dini the man he is today. Although this story was longer than usual, I knew that not many students would know about Dini's life story — a story that consists of tragedy, perseverance and success.

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Calling an audible by Rish Basu

I was able to have a first-hand experience with this story. A junior on the varsity football team, I was personally affected by the multiple injuries suffered by the team. With more than half of our senior personnel out for the season, I wrote this story as a personality profile of the underclassmen and non-starters who had to step up going into the playoffs and the seniors whose football careers were suddenly over.

This story won second place for Sports News Story at UIL Interscholastic League Press Conference 2016

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Taken too soon by Rish Basu

Since I have never experienced what it's like to lose a loved one, this story was truly meaningful for me. Two students had recently lost one of their parents to terminal cancer, and I had the opportunity to tell their story and demonstrate the impact that these tragic events had on their lives. I received incredibly powerful quotes in this story and incorporated them in order to convey what it's like to cope with such a heartbreaking situation.

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Breaking the mold by Rish Basu

As a junior, I was given the opportunity to write a story for the October 2015 issue of Focus — which centered around the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. David Muñoz '12, who had a tough time revealing his sexuality in high school, had a story to tell. Writing the story from only the perspective of Muñoz, I tried to convey to the reader what it's like to struggle with your sexuality and the happiness Muñoz experienced on the day of the Supreme Court ruling.

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